Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing offers completely controlled, reliable, cost-effective & flexible solutions, servers and storage that scale instantly on demand.

Some of the benefits of cloud computing:

  • No capital costs

  • Actual performance requirements can be matched

  • Accessed from anywhere

  • Reduce carbon footprint and energy bills

  • Quick deployment of servers and applications

  • Temporary resources available for peak times

  • Lower administration costs and TCO

We can provide access to a portfolio of hosted services via “the Cloud”, offering a solution where investments are small and risks are low even though the services on offer are of the highest quality in terms of security and accessibility!

Solutions available in the cloud include:

  • Microsoft Hosted Exchange

  • Microsoft SharePoint Services

  • Hosted FTP Services

  • SaaS

  • Anti-Spam E-mail Security as a Service

  • On-line Back-up