Off-site Backup


OffSite Backup

With OffsiteBackup from Infinite Technology accidental data loss due to server failure or user-error can be recovered quickly, easily and securely. If you suffer from a virus or corruption to a database or email server you can restore the data from a set of known "good" data backups at any time.


Why use an offsite backup solution?


With the rising threats to security from the ever-present danger of malicious computer viruses and the growing quantities of data, there has never been a more important time for you to have an offsite backup solution to ensure your company's data is safe and secure!

Infinite offers an offsite backup solution to protect your company's information. We securely back up your information over the Internet to our remote data centre, giving you peace of mind that your data is protected even if your business is affected by events beyond your control.


Just some of the benefits of using our Offsite Backup service

· No hardware or tapes to fail, jam, buy or maintain

· Your backups require no staff intervention

· No need to carry and secure tapes offsite every day


· Variable "retention policy" on-request, allowing us keep extra copies of your data beyond the standard 7 days

· Automated system ensures that backups are regular

· Easy to restore files without having to track down CDs and tapes

· Compliments Disaster recovery strategy





Before files are sent to our server they are encrypted using AES 128bit encryption. The 20 complex-character encryption key used to encrypt your files resides only on your computer and is known only to you. Without this encryption key your data is unreadable, even to us. The data is then transmitted over a 128bit secure tunnel to our servers, adding another layer of security. Breaking this level of security and accessing your private data is virtually impossible.

We hold three separate copies of your data; one on our primary backup server, the second on our live replication server and the final in the form of a daily backup of these servers. This level of redundancy and data security would be very difficult and costly for the average small-medium business to achieve with regular tape backups.

Download our Offsite Backup client software. A free 30-day no-obligation trial is included with this download. Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Novell and Solaris clients are available. 30Mb.
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