Data Backup Disaster Recovery Solutions


With data size growing exponentially, business owners have to be vigilant about data backup. Data loss through viruses, human error, or disaster will have a serious impact not only on your operations but the ability to do business. Infinite Technology will advise on the most thorough and best of breed backup solutions available for your requirements, so you can get back up and running as quickly possible.

Infinite Technology delivers complete data and file backup and disaster recovery services that diminish risk and ongoing data storage costs. Many businesses still rely on manual tape system backup, draining resources and introducing points of possible risk and failure.

What’s Included:

Our Backup & Disaster Recovery services include:

  • Virtualization of infrastructure
  • Business continuity planning
  • Managed email filtering and continuity
  • Message archiving
  • Data storage and protection

We offer cloud backup, onsite backup, or hybrid backup. We evaluate your current system, make recommendations, and design a custom solution based on your unique business operations and budget. If your network fails due to power outage or disaster, you want experts in your corner to get you back to business as quickly as possible. Infinite Technology has the experience and technology to protect your data and your operations.

Offsite Replication

Remote replication is a well-established practice that can replace traditional backup and enhance disaster recovery planning. With offsite replication, after backups run, the data is securely replicated to a remote site.

With today’s technology, there’s no reason to leave your company’s critical data unprotected. Whether you perform multiple backups a day, once a day, or once a week, replicating those backups to a secure offsite location gives the business owner peace of mind.

Cloud backup involves storing data and files on servers located off site. Remote backups are more reliable than storing a removable hard drive because the backups can be automated. Your files can be updated on a daily basis, and can be recovered quickly. Large businesses with numerous computers and large amounts of data that need to be backed up regularly suffer higher expense because physical storage solutions can be costly.

The majority of remote backup solutions are billed on a monthly-basis and support a near unlimited amount of backup space. If your company operates in an industry where backups are mandatory, or you have a large amount of files to back up, these options will save you money.

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Disaster Recovery

Every business wants to protect its operations from downtime and the loss of data. Anything that can put your business’ operations at risk, such as cyber-attacks, equipment failures, and natural disasters are reasons for having a disaster recovery plan in place. Disaster can strike in unexpected forms, and it is important to be prepared with a plan that involves data backup.

A disaster recovery plan, also known as a Business Continuity plan documents policies and procedures to limit the disruption to your business.

Without investing in any hardware, your company can be protected with online backups. It’s a secure, automated process for replication and recovering applications and data in case of a disruptive event. Since you pay only for what you need, this is a flexible, low cost alternative to traditional solutions. As part of any good business continuity plan, remote replication copies data to a secondary site. This can be useful to maintain server images with the latest configuration, and they are all set to be made live in case of a serious outage at the primary site. With cloud computing, site remote data storage becomes a very cost-effective option where backups of critical servers can be pulled up on a shared or private cloud host platform.

One of the added benefits of this server image snapshot backup as part of a strong business continuity plan with cloud computing is the ability to finely tune the costs and performance for the recovery platform. Applications and servers that are deemed less critical in a disaster can be turned down with less resources, while assuring that the most critical applications get the resources they need to keep the business running through the disaster.

Infinite Technology offers a cost-efficient and agile solution to implement or replace dated disaster recovery plans. Our clients have the ability to protect their businesses and mission-critical workloads, and recover them in the cloud in the event of a disaster or disruptive event. The emphasis is on maintaining business operations.

Our objective is to help our clients to eliminate their single points of failure. DR planning is an IT priority, but lack of proper planning, testing, and resources can put your company at risk of losing critical information and incurring revenue loss. An efficiently carried out disaster plan increases the likelihood of business survival.

With cloud computing, disaster recovery becomes much more cost-effective with significantly faster recovery times. When introduced with the cost-effectiveness of online backup between data centers, tape backup no longer makes sense.


“We have used Infinite Technology as our IT Provider for the last 19/20 years and I think that speaks for itself. We have found them to be very supportive, quick to react and good to deal with.”

Kevin Tobin – PK Chemicals

“Infinite Technology has always given us great service. We have always found them to be customer-oriented, highly efficient, friendly and respectful. They have always managed to accommodate our needs. They take a no-problem approach to their IT Managed Services.”

Froebel College of Education

“I would like to thank you and Ken for all your hard work and assistance with supplying and installing the switches in Ballyfermot College. The work was completed on time and everything is up and running. Thanks again for all your help, we look forward to working with you and Ken on other projects in the future.”

City of Dublin Vocational Education Committee

“Infinite Technology have looked after all of our IT networking needs and requirements for the last 15 years. We have always found them to be knowledgeable, helpful and responsive. In particular, a couple of years ago when our server went down one of their engineers spend the whole night rebuilding the server so we would be able to operate the next day. This was above and beyond the call of duty”.

Griffin Solicitors

Infinite Technology are highly professional and work to find the best solutions for their clients. We would recommend them in a heartbeat.

Robert Chambers – Chambers Engineering Ltd

We rely on our in-house print process and it was Imperative that we secure a quality service. The team at Infinite Technology refreshed a number of our MFP devices and implemented a managed print solution that has been an outstanding success to our print output reliability with the added benefit of reducing our costs.

Patrick Boland MD – Lindab (Irl) Limited

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